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"Lasting healing from ongoing pelvic issues IS possible!"

Evelyn Hecht PT

You don't have to live with ongoing pelvic/hip pain when you're sitting or standing, burning vaginal pain during sex, the urge to pee umpteen times a day, or suffer anymore with constipation or abdominal bloating. 




Solving the problem...

Long-lasting solutions...

Offering hope...

Pelvic pain reduction...


Reverse pelvic pain and symptoms! 

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Imagine being able to enjoy life, go out with friends, sit comfortably at work,

experience pleasurable sex, have stronger orgasms, workout without fear of leaking,

go to the bathroom without anxiety or walk without pain? 


I'll show you how to free your body from discomfort/pain

and release your mind from worry,

so you can live your best life!

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Start with this - my free audio "Pelvic Relaxation"
and make this part of your daily routine

I have the solution for you - and it's worked for hundreds of women before, so you're in safe hands.

It pains me to see so many women posting on social media feeling hopeless about their pelvic condition.  

They write: "I've tried everything - surgeries, medications, therapy and sooo many tests, but I still have symptoms! I want an end to this!"


The mind/body techniques that I've developed can help reverse your pelvic symptoms when you fully commit yourself to the process.

Who do I help?

From teenagers through the lifespan of all women who experience distressful pelvic floor symptoms.


Any woman diagnosed with Endometriosis, Vulvodynia, Pudendal Neuralgia, Chronic Pelvic pain, Interstitial Cystitis, Urinary Urgency, Incontinence, Constipation, Abdominal Bloating, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Tailbone Pain, Rectal Pain, Lower Back, Hip and Sacroiliac Joint Pain.


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Any woman diagnosed with Endometriosis, Vulvodynia, Pudendal Neuralgia, Chronic Pelvic pain, Interstitial Cystitis, Urinary Urgency, Incontinence, Constipation, Abdominal Bloating, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Tailbone Pain, Rectal Pain, Lower Back, Hip and Sacroiliac Joint Pain.


Talking more openly about pelvic issues can help you and a friend or family member who might be suffering in silence.

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Hi, I'm Evelyn - I offer my guidance for your pelvic healing journey

I have 25 years professional experience and answers to help you get better.

You're in safe hands with me.

You DO NOT have to live with ongoing pelvic symptoms ANYMORE!

I've personally treated over 15,000 women as a Master Clinician of Pelvic Physical Therapy and I have created this unique course to help you achieve lasting healing in the comfort of home. 

My online program provides the know-how you need: education, calming mind exercises and gentle progressive body exercise videos - to create the ease in your body you've always wanted.

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Why I love to help women

Growing up in the "give it to me straight" energy of Brooklyn NY, reading my mother’s copies of Ms. Magazine, and living abroad helped me become a pioneer and leader in pelvic physical therapy.

I grew up in a strict, repressed religious family. The "private parts" were considered shameful, disgusting, something to be kept hidden so I experienced strong feelings of pelvic shame.  My well-meaning mom was brought up in a repressed family and culture where women were secondary citizens.  When I got my first period, then called "the curse," she hurriedly handed me a pad without a word and gave me aspirin for the cramps. Period.

No hugs to welcome me into womanhood, no talk about the joys of sex. Sex was an activity to avoid, and if you "did it," you'd probably experience pain or get "knocked up." Hmm...

My family was blessed to live abroad during my teens. This helped me see other cultures with very positive views about the female body and helped me heal from shame.

When I began my physical therapy career in a large hospital, countless patients would confide in me their deepest, most embarrassing concerns of leaking, urgency, vaginal pain, constipation and more.  

They’d ask:
“How can I have a husband or partner if sex hurts?”
or “What do I say to my friends when they invite me out to dinner and I go to the bathroom five times an hour?”

I knew I had a calling, a gift to help women let go of feelings of shame and the deep-rooted, cultural thinking that vaginal pain and bladder/bowel issues are “just part of being female”.  

Seeing how women were treated in many cultures, I sensed that I could contribute to empowering women by helping them heal and love themselves.

By offering this program through the digital space, more women can learn the guided education and techniques that helped over 30 thousand patients that my staff and I treated in my NYC practice.  

I offer you hope and the steps to achieve lasting pelvic healing.

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What will I do in PelvicSense?

Imagine this pelvic pain being your past instead of your present and future.....



You're ready to UNDERSTAND why you have pelvic issues.  You want to learn how to do safe, science- based self-care activities to feel free.

Read our easy to understand 10 minute blogs on the science of pain, evidence for healing techniques, breathing, stretching, pacing, visualization, gratitude, and more. 


You are ready to let go of the stress and anxiety that usually comes with pelvic issues.  You're ready to be guided on the positive emotional journey towards health.

Listen to our audio guides to relax your mind, calm your nervous system and retrain your brain to send more feel-good chemicals and less pain signals. 



You want guidance from an expert who knows the best movements, and who teaches you a proven gently-paced, step by step method to safely exercise for optimum results.

Watch our 20 gently progressive exercise videos, including over 45 different techniques, guiding you towards improved flexibility, stability, and pelvic floor strength.

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Get amazing results by following the PelvicSense for just 3 months while receiving medical care!

Our Silver Program is $38 per month for 3 months, so imagine achieving radical healing for $114.00!

(Private pelvic therapy may cost $1600 for 8 sessions! With Pelvic Sense you can achieve a good amount of recovery at a fraction of this price!)

You'll learn the information, progressive body exercises and evidence-based self-help techniques that a top tier, experienced pelvic physical therapist with deep knowledge of healing pelvic issues.

Continue treatment by a pelvic physical therapist for their tailored manual therapies and individualized programs. With your doctor's and PT's knowledge, you could reduce the number of PT visits by doing PelvicSense at the same time to maximize your healing and save your money.

Let's Get Started!
    • You'll uncover the root cause of ongoing pelvic pain/issues...

Women with pelvic issues for 4+ months typically visit numerous doctors, doing their best to find out the "biomedical" cause of ongoing symptoms.  You should see your doctor to rule out medical causes, like inflamed, infected or other body tissue causes for ongoing pain or distressful pelvic symptoms.  But if after countless medical tests, prescribed medications, perhaps surgery, if women still experience pain/distress, there's a solution!

    • ...and practice my mind/body program that WORKS

A big reason for ongoing pelvic issues is due to the oversensitivity of our nervous system and brain. When we understand the WHY of pain/distress and practice gentle self care techniques, this soothes our nervous system and helps the brain send feel-good chemicals to the body. Your brain and nervous system have the property of neuroplasticity, the ability to learn new, healthier patterns that can lower pain and regain a good quality of life. 

"The Pelvic Sense educational videos, guided meditations, and exercise sessions are very professional and clearly presented."
- Victoria W.
"After 2 years of dealing with chronic pelvic pain and consulting 16 medical providers, I feel like I finally have found a knowledgeable, personal coach to guide me to complete healing."
- Debra E.
"Since starting PelvicSense I am able to move more freely, my chiropractor notices that my pelvis and spine are less twisted, and I actually forgot to bring my sitting cushion with me a few times!   I love the rewire audio guides as they help me feel super relaxed.  I know I will conquer my sitting pain and return to playing the piano."  
- Robin M.
"PelvicSense is an amazingly comprehensive tool that addresses the many facets of pain care: understanding pain and why you are stuck, a movement program to mobilize your tissues and decrease your sensitivity, and a meditative component to restore a balanced mind-body connection. 
PelvicSense is an effective, enjoyable, easy-to-follow program."
- Carolyn Vandyken, PT

How am I different?

I teach you the science behind all self-healing techniques specific to pelvic pain and how to implement these techniques in an easy daily program while you follow your doctor's plan of care. 

You'll do body exercises for the pelvis, become more calm with my guided audios, and learn how to safely return to optimum pelvic function. 

Our PelvicSense schedule can be adjusted to fit your pace - repetition is encouraged to allow your brain and nervous system to create and solidify healthier patterns.  

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Watch My Summit Recording

Evelyn was invited to be a key speaker at the summit "Moms who Pee Their Pants" in 2020.
Watch the recording as she talks about the "little things you can do" to radically shift your nervous system and spark your brain to send less pain and more happy chemicals to your body.  


Watch Evelyn's Interview



The full online PelvicSense home program for three (3) months with instant access to our supportive and informative private Facebook group of like-minded women. 

Full Online Program 

Invitation to Private FB Support Group

 Access to my PelvicSense App

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 Everything in Silver:

Full Online Program for 3 months

Invitation to Private FB Group

Access to my PelvicSense App

Three (3) Group Zoom Meets with Evelyn Hecht for health & wellness information and further insights to support your recovery process

Download and keep all calming Rewire audios to listen to anywhere, anytime

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PelvicSense Platinum Lifetime offers a home program designed to guide you through resources for your healing process.

Fully Downloadable
Keep Forever

Full Downloadable Program for Lifetime
Invitation to Private FB Support Group
Access to my PelvicSense App


A 75 minute one to one private Zoom informational session with Evelyn Hecht, founder of PelvicSense Inc.

Start healing now.

Download your English eBook:

'Heal Your Pelvic Pain with Science' 

I hope it provides hope for your pelvic healing journey!

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'Sana Tu Dolor Pélvico con Ciencia'

I hope it provides hope for your pelvic healing journey!

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