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English eBook: Re.lieve Solutions for Chronic Pain


Congratulations on purchasing Evelyn's first eBook on healing chronic pain using neuroscience, calming mind exercises and gentle movement. 

If after reading the eBook you wish for a more comprehensive program to address pelvic pain or Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, consider joining PelvicSense. 

What People Are Saying about PelvicSense:

"PelvicSense is an amazingly comprehensive tool that addresses the many facets of pain care: understanding pain and why you are stuck, a movement program to mobilize your tissues and decrease your sensitivity, and a meditative component to restore a balanced mind-body connection. Effective pain care is like a three-legged stool. It needs to: 1. Improve tissue health (relaxation and strength of the pelvic floor and pelvic muscles) 2. Provide reassurance and education to empower your recovery process 3. Improve your mind-body connection to decrease the sensitivity of the pain system Pelvic Sense hits all of these areas effectively and in an enjoyable, easy-to-follow program. In just 28 days, you will start to notice changes in your pain and with persistence, it is possible to heal your pelvic pain."

Carolyn Vandyken PT