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You are the CEO of your body - be smart about YOUR medical care

Apr 02, 2023

If you have a medical issue, try to get as much information as possible, learn about the medical tests, read NIH research articles, and bring a trusted friend/partner to take notes when you visit specialists.

Being savvy, asking questions, and most importantly, choosing the medical team that feels right for you  - a doctor your gut says YES! is an excellent step towards healing. 

Here's a reality check: most medical insurance companies and large hospitals where you visit your talented doctor(s) do not have the patient's best interest in mind. Yup, these institutions don't.

Most medical insurances and hospitals are corporations and the main goal of corporations is to earn profits.

How for-profit hospitals earn profits 

For-profit hospitals tend to require healthcare professionals to increase the number of patients seen per day. To order a high number of tests per patient. Refer to many specialists  - within the hospital system. One of my patients said her internist gave a list of 12 specialists to visit after her first  appointment!

Doctors may also be required to perform an increased number of medical procedures or surgeries per year. These stats are regularly tracked, and medical staff gets a performance review based on these stats. How can our doctors provide excellent patient care under these circumstances? How quickly are our healthcare workers burning out?

Most for-profit hospitals expect to earn $1.5M revenue per doctor per year. The CEOs at top-tier hospitals earn a whopping annual salary between $10-$30M. 

How do insurance companies earn profits?

We've all experienced the monthly premiums that just go up and up, plus see increasing annual deductibles.  Deductibles are the amount of money the patient has to pay for medical services before the insurance company pays. Deductibles a few years ago used to be $500; now some are $10,000 per year.  Who can afford to pay this huge amount on an annual basis?

The stated 'coverage' of health care services is a little shady too.  

Insurance policies can have 40 pages of fine print attached to your policy - that hardly any member reads - detailing all the exceptions to coverage.  

You may think you get physical therapy following spine surgery, but the insurance company only allows 3 visits. After getting letters by MD and PT requesting more visits and interrupting your consistent care, you might get 2 subsequent visits if you’re lucky.

Having knowledge about your condition is how we have to operate these days. Be an advocate, ask questions, listen to your gut and do what you can to maintain good health.

The classics of good health by doing regular exercise, eating nutritious food, drinking plenty of water, sleeping well and practicing some calming mind techniques are keys to optimizing your health and enhancing the healing process. 

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