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I'm Evelyn Hecht

I offer my guidance for your pelvic healing journey

I have 25 years of professional experience and answers to help you get better.

You're in a safe place with me.

I've personally treated over 15,000 women as a Master Clinician of Pelvic Physical Therapy and I have created this unique program to help you achieve optimum pelvic health in the comfort of home.

My online program provides the know-how you need: education, calming mind exercises and gentle progressive body exercise videos - to create the ease in your body you've always wanted.

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Why I Love to Help Women

From Darkness

Growing up in the "give it to me straight" energy of Brooklyn NY, reading my mother’s copies of Ms. Magazine, and living abroad helped me become a pioneer and leader in pelvic physical therapy.

I grew up in a strict, repressed religious family. The "private parts" were considered shameful, disgusting, something to be kept hidden so I experienced strong feelings of pelvic shame. My well-meaning mom was brought up in a repressed family and culture where women were secondary citizens. When I got my first period, then called "the curse," she hurriedly handed me a pad without a word and gave me aspirin for the cramps. Period.

No hugs to welcome me into womanhood, no talk about the joys of sex. Sex was an activity to avoid, and if you "did it," you'd probably experience pain or get "knocked up." Hmm...

My family was blessed to live abroad during my teens. This helped me see other cultures with very positive views about the female body and helped me heal from shame.

Towards Light

When I began my physical therapy career in a large hospital, countless patients would confide in me their deepest, most embarrassing concerns of leaking, urgency, vaginal pain, constipation and more.

They’d ask:
“How can I have a husband or partner if sex hurts?” or “What do I say to my friends when they invite me out to dinner and I go to the bathroom five times an hour?”

I knew I had a calling, a gift to help women let go of feelings of shame and the deep-rooted, cultural thinking that vaginal pain and bladder/bowel issues are “just part of being female”.

Seeing how women were treated in many cultures, I sensed that I could contribute to empowering women by helping them heal and love themselves.

By offering this program through the digital space, more women can learn the empowerment self-care techniques that helped thousands of patients that were treated in my NYC practice.

I offer you hope and the steps to achieve significant pelvic healing.

My Educational & Career Background


Master Clinician of Pelvic Physical Therapy.


Certified Biopsychosocial Chronic Pain Rehab. Practitioner.


Prior owner of EMH Physical Therapy in NYC for 25 years.


Educator of pelvic health for NYU and Stony Brook University Department of Physical Therapy.


Scientific Advisor for Curable.


Researcher of Women's Health .

Kind Words

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Pelvic Relaxation

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PelvicSense can significantly lower chronic pelvic pain, one way is helping you elicit a sense of calm, of feeling safe and secure in your body.

Listen to Evelyn’s guided pelvic relaxation audio with music to calm your nervous/immune system and encourage your brain to send more feel-good chemicals, like endorphins and dopamine to your pelvis.

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