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How can an online program

heal your pelvic issues?


You're ready to understand why you have pelvic issues.  You want to learn how to implement the science of healing to achieve good function.


You are ready to let go of the stress and anxiety that's part of pelvic issues. You want to be guided on the positive emotional journey towards health.


You want guidance from an expert who knows the best movements, and who teaches you step by step how to exercise safely for best results.

Hi, I'm Evelyn.

Growing up in the "give it to me straight" energy of Brooklyn NY, reading my mother’s copies of Ms. Magazine, and living/traveling abroad helped me become a pioneer and leader in pelvic physical therapy.  

When I began my PT career in a large hospital, countless patients would confide in me their deepest, most embarrassing concerns of leaking, urgency, vaginal pain, constipation and more. They’d ask: “How will I ever have a baby when I can’t be intimate with my partner?” or “What do I say to my friends when they invite me out to dinner and I go to the bathroom 5 times an hour?”  

I knew I had a calling, a gift to help women let go of feelings of shame and the deep-rooted, cultural thinking that vaginal pain and bladder/bowel issues are “just part of being female”.  Seeing how women were treated in many cultures, I sensed that I could contribute to empowering women by helping them heal and love themselves.

Master Clinician of Pelvic Physical Therapy

Certified Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Practitioner

 CEO of EMH Physical Therapy in NYC for 25 years

Scientific Researcher in Women's Health

 Co-developer of PelvicTrack app

 Scientific advisory board member for Curable app

Helped thousands of women reverse pelvic pain and achieve optimum function for 25 years

Guides patients in science-based mind/body therapies to heal chronic pelvic pain

Mentored EMH staff DPT's, designed and taught pelvic health to student PT's at major universities

Promotes deeper knowledge of women’s pelvic health within the scientific community

The app helped more people globally learn exercises and easily track pelvic function 

Supports learning pain science and practicing mind exercises to heal chronic pain

What women who

overcome pelvic pain

do differently:

They seek help

Women who overcome pelvic issues realize that they need guidance on their healing journey.  They look for experts that are knowledgeable, compassionate and encouraging.

They invest in themselves

It takes time and commitment to overcome pelvic issues. Women who invest in themselves and are patient with the healing process, are more likely to see results and return to a normal life.

They learn new skills

Pelvic pain or dysfunction doesn't just magically disappear.  Women who overcome pelvic issues follow their doctor's plan of care and do a variety of self-healing techniques, even when not feeling their best. 

They feel supported

Many who suffer from pelvic issues may have a sense of shame and feel alone. Women who overcome pelvic issues value the importance of relationships and support from a variety of people in their lives.  

Start Your Healing Today!


  •  painful sex, so you avoid being intimate

  • unable to wear snug-fitting pants

  • pain in your pelvic region after sitting for a short time

  • PGAD

  • going to the bathroom frequently to pee

  • leaking a bit (or a lot) when you laugh, exercise or run

  • taking a long time for a bowel movement and are constipated

  • abdominal bloating

   …and at this point, feel hopeless or worn down?


Girl, there's good news coming your way!  

Introducing PelvicSense


 An online mind/body home program designed by a pelvic physical therapy expert to help you heal from pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction

65 Lessons in total

20 Move Videos (over 45  exercises!)

11 Healing Audio guides and Writing Exercises 

9 Downloads and Progress Assessments

PelvicSense has 4 Levels

Level 1: Healing 

You'll learn the basics of healing, such as diaphragmatic breathing, and be introduced to pain science to understand how the brain, nervous and immune systems work together to keep your body safe.

 The Rewire audioguides help you reframe pain and feel more at ease. 

The Move exercise program, leads you in breathing exercises, gentle movements for the pelvis, hip and lower back.

Level 2: Control

Persistent pain or ongoing distressful symptoms can make you feel like you have little or no control. Not knowing when or why pain flares can keep you on edge. You might wonder,  “Was it something I ate? The extra 2 blocks I walked yesterday? The stress of my job, or lack of a job?”.

Control will help your brain and nervous system send more happy chemicals and less pain signals to your body.  

You’ll be introduced to Meaningful Life Activities (MLA), where you’ll choose a few least challenging activities from a list we provide, and learn how to Pace, not Race towards achieving these activities. 

Level 3: Fortitude

Fortitude is designed to elevate your strength of will, a “stick with”, to solidify your dedication to your healing process, no matter how many bumps on the road. 

You'll practice gratitude, get the scoop on nutrition, understand why strengthening is important and learn how your family and friends can best support you. 

At the end of Fortitude, you’ll fill a progress form and compare it to your initial baseline questionnaire to note any changes and celebrate the positives!

Level 4: Resilience

Resilience is the step in your journey to learn and practice qualities of being resilient, to better handle life’s challenges

You’ll learn techniques to improve intimacy and 15 tips to optimize healthy bladder and bowel functions.  Listen to Rewire's self-love exercise and a guided body scan to infuse yourself with compassion. Move progresses the body exercises to help you gain the strength needed to reverse persistent pelvic pain/distress.


When you enroll in any PelvicSense program you'll receive a bonus package for free.

Top Features

  • 65 lessons in total 

  • 20 expertly designed video exercise routines with over 45 exercises! 

  • 11 healing audio-guides 

  • 9 worksheets, lists and assessments 

  • 7 months full access

  • Invitation to private PelvicSense FB group for ongoing support

$97 USD

Flexible Payment Options

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Enhanced Experience

  • All Features in Silver PLUS:
  • An additional 2 months for 9 month full access
  • Ability to download 11 healing audio guide MP3 files to listen to anywhere, anytime
  • Four Zoom video conference calls with Evelyn Hecht, PT
  • Celebrate your completion of each four Levels with a motivating email from Evelyn

$277 USD

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Ultimate Experience

  • All Features in Gold PLUS:
  • An additional 3 months to total 12 months full access to the program
  • Two private pelvic coaching conference calls with Evelyn Hecht, Master Clinician of pelvic physical therapy
  • Customize your own pelvic floor exercise experience by downloading all individual exercises
  • Receive Evelyn's emails of encouragement after completing each of the 20 Sessions.

$577 USD

Flexible Payment Options

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Using PelvicSense is like tapping into Evelyn’s pelvic expertise, pain-science healing knowledge and breadth of patient experience, wrapped into one amazing program to enhance your healing journey out of pelvic pain and distress". Holly S. 

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