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Does "Strengthening the Core" Heal Pelvic Issues?

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“Strengthening the core” is a big buzz phrase for rehabilitation – and for most healing from acute injury or post-surgery, this IS a good/natural step.
It’s not an effective first step for healing chronic pain issues, as I witnessed first-hand for my pelvic patients before I knew about pain neuroscience/brain/nervous system activation.
For those with 4+ months of ongoing pelvic pain, bladder urgency/frequency and bowel dysfunction, who have consulted their doctors, did tests, medications and treatment with no significant relief, the underlying cause is nervous system hypersensitivity and a hyper protective brain. 
A learned pattern that can be unlearned.
The brain sends distressful symptoms like urgency, pain, burning, itching plus it tells the muscles to guard the area for protection.  The pelvic floor, lower abdominals, inner thighs, and deep hip rotator muscles are usually super tight.
Day and Night.
PelvicSense teaches pain science and healing, guides you to practice soothing mind exercises and do gentle body movements with ease.
So, if you jump into “strengthening the core” without doing any previous breath work, constructive rest, movements to lower muscle tension, strengthening the overly tight muscles will not be helpful in the early phases of healing ongoing pelvic conditions.  PelvicSense DOES include strengthening and core stabilization exercises in Levels 3 & 4 when you've learned how to self-soothe and lower incoming threat to the nervous and immune systems. 
The benefits of core exercises occur when your nervous system is calmer and there's less constant muscle guarding.