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How Can I Best Heal from Chronic Pelvic Pain/Dysfunction?

pelvicsense Oct 17, 2020
Healing chronic pelvic pain in women.

Use PelvicSense, an online pelvic healing program!


If you experience chronic pelvic issues such as bladder pain, pudendal neuralgia, vulvodynia, constipation, or other pelvic floor dysfunction, the optimum steps to take are:

  1. consult a doctor familiar with your symptoms
  2. get medical tests to rule out underlying infection/inflammation
  3. follow prescribed treatments
  4. consult a pelvic PT

However, if you’ve done the above without much change, or unable to find a knowledgeable  practitioner, for long-lasting healing, there's usually one aspect of care that's been missing


What's this missing piece?


YOU - precisely your engagement in mind/body self-care.  What you do, say, and practice every day can significantly enhance or detract from your healing process.


Modern science is uncovering the mysteries of healing from chronic pain/distress. 

How can some women without underlying medical issues achieve optimum pelvic function and lowered pain while others linger for years, perhaps decades, with the same or worsening problems?


The answer lies in our brain, nervous and immune systems (called the neuroimmune system)

Your brain and neuroimmune system are flexible and adaptable.  They can learn new patterns that send more feel-good chemicals to the body and fewer pain chemicals. 


How can you achieve a reduction of pain and improved pelvic function while receiving guidance by your MD/PT?


Self-care is the answer.   Many people don't know what self-care is, or might not know which ones they should they do, and for how long?  Some worry that self-care could be harmful, so they tiptoe around it, perhaps do a few here and there, or don't engage at all in this healing aspect.


PelvicSense offers a solution.


PelvicSense is an online home program to enhance your healing skills. It's an educational and mind/body self-care approach to help your brain feel calm, lower fear of movement, regain social connections, achieve optimal bathroom function, experience comfortable intimacy, and so much more.  


Based on science and 25 years of treating women with pelvic issues, Evelyn Hecht, PT, Master Clinician of pelvic PT, designed PelvicSense so you can also reap the insights that helped her patients heal.  Follow the easy daily lessons and self-care techniques that worked with her patients to reverse chronic pelvic pain/dysfunction. 


What will you do?


You'll do a trio of healing skills: Learn, Rewire, and Move.

Learn helps you understand the science of pain/chronic distress, plus evidence for a number of healing techniques such as breathing, visualization, stretching, pacing, gratitude.   You'll learn how to do them safely, and at your own pace.


Rewire are audio guides and writing exercises to calm your hypersensitive nervous system and retrain the brain to send more feel good, happy chemicals to your body.


Move is a series of gentle progressive body exercises that include breathwork, light stretches, core stabilization, and pelvic floor muscle coordination.


The program is designed for you to go at your own pace.  There's no race.  The program can be done five days a week or you can start three days and build up as you gain comfort and confidence.  The two days of rest per week allow your brain and body to process the new information and movements.


With PelvicSense, you'll receive a total of 65 lessons, 20 exercise video series, 11 audio guides, nine progress reports, our free eBook, "Heal Your Pelvic Pain With Science," and bonuses.


We have two offers to suit different learning styles and finances. 

PelvicSense Silver includes the full home program and access to a private FB group at the cost of $38 per month.

PelvicSense Gold consists of the full home program, private FB group, plus monthly zoom meet ups with the founder Evelyn Hecht, PT, at the cost of $98 per month.  

PelvicSense includes lessons patients would learn from a top-tier pelvic physical therapist in eight to ten sessions of in-person or telehealth visits.  The educational material and gentle guided mind/body exercise home program have helped thousands of women in Evelyn’s practice achieve long lasting healing and optimal pelvic function.   Now you can too. 

Heal your chronic pelvic pain/PFD with PelvicSense today.