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Why Is It Hard To Change Scary Thinking?

Nov 22, 2021
I listen to many sage thinkers, Joe Dispenza being one of them.
Here's his take on this exact question:
If scary thoughts are practiced long enough, the connections in the brain around this thought become hard-wired. The emotions that follow these thoughts can spark anxiety, sadness, fear.
The moment you think the doom thought, your brain recognizes that you are anxious, so you continue thinking more corresponding thoughts equal to how you feel.  An automatic loop is created.
When you step into that river of change and make a different choice, your body doesn't feel the same way.  Your brain initially responds to change by signaling, "You've been doing this for 10 years, so are you just going to stop suffering?
Stop feeling guilty?
Stop feeling shame?
Not going to complain or blame or feel sorry for yourself?".
Stepping into change makes the body feel like it's in the unknown.
The body signals, "I want to return back to familiar territory! I don't like this!".
The brain says: "Start tomorrow. You're too much like your mother. You'll never change. This is not going to work for you. This doesn't feel right."
If we resist change and jump into old familiar patterns, this will lead to the same negative feeling, which leads to the same behavior, leading to the similar pain experiences.
Yup, back in the loop.
PelvicSense has BOTH mind and body techniques to help you gently practice new ways of responding.  New thoughts create new feelings and lead to the positive changes you wish to experience.
No one ever said this was easy, but we have the knowledge that rewiring our body and brain out of old faulty habits to more of joy and healthy pelvic function is possible.
Be persistent and easy on yourself in the process of practicing new thoughts, feel more uplifting feelings, experience pelvic ease and regain your inner confidence that healing is possible. 
I support and applaud all of you who are stepping into this river of change.