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Find Calm to Alter Your Pain Experience

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Women with chronic pain have experienced being gaslit by some in the medical system. A tragedy as they flounder, feel hopeless, and spiral further into biopsychosocial distress.

@nytimes article by @susanmasonburton highlighted the plight of women who feel their pain is being ignored or dismissed. “The phenomenon is particularly agonizing for women in some of their most vulnerable moments.”

For those with persistent pelvic pain, seeing a pelvic practitioner who validates, listens, and creates a therapeutic alignment while offering good medical care is essential.
But what if there’s a long waitlist, inconsistent visits due to booked practitioner schedules, or patient financial/time challenges?

What can your patients do to enhance healing, knowing there isn’t a “quick fix” to reverse persistent pelvic pain?

PelvicSense offers pain science knowledge and mind/body self-care tools that may enhance healing concurrent with your medical care. Patients CAN positively influence their neuroimmune system and brain to effectively lower symptoms with practice over time.

The program teaches how to elicit calm by doing 5 slow deep breaths and other self-care techniques.

A quote from a systematic review on the effects of slow breathing:
“Slow breathing techniques generally enhance interactions between autonomic, cerebral, and psychological flexibility, linking parasympathetic and CNS activities related to emotional control and well-being. Slow breathing techniques seem to promote a predominance of the parasympathetic autonomic system in respect to the sympathetic one, mediated by the vagal activity (Streeter et al., 2012; Brown et al., 2013).”

Refer persistent pelvic pain patients to do PelvicSense at the start of care. The program teaches skills that may to lower their upregulated neuroimmune system, reduce their brain’s habit of being overprotective, and soften hypertonic pelvic muscles.

Incorporate this affordable femtech program into your medical care.
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