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Gentle Movements Reduce Pelvic Pain

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Studies show that exercise helps women lower persistent pelvic pain. 👇🏼

The article: states: Bergström et al), found that physical exercise has beneficial effects on relaxing the muscles of patients’ suffering from endometriosis which helps to break their pain cycle. Progressive muscular relaxation training is effective in improving pain, anxiety and depression in endometriosis women on hormonal therapy)”.

Exercise is one of the most effective strategies for boosting serotonin levels: physical activity and deep breathing exercises may increase the firing rate of serotonin neurons in the brain, which may stimulate the production of mood-elevating chemicals. Aerobic exercises like walking and swimming may have a more significant effect on serotonin levels, toning the muscles of the entire body, and improving general circulation).

Many women in persistent pelvic pain fear that exercise will increase pain. How to help them feel safe about moving? The PelvicSense online home program teaches pain science, guides in slow, mindful movements and breathing exercises to help desensitize the neuroimmune system’s upregulation of the pelvis, inner thighs, hips and lower back region.

Pelvic physical therapist and founder, Evelyn Hecht PT designed the movement program based on her 25+ years of patient treatment experience. Doing these body exercises concurrent with medical care helps your patients feel that movement is safe, pleasurable and reduces the brain’s overprotective pain signals.

Refer your patients to PelvicSense, the pain science education, mind & body pelvic exercise home program at start of care. They’ll learn self-care skills that may lower an upregulated neuroimmune system, reduce their brain’s habit of being overprotective, and soften hypertonic pelvic muscles.

Incorporate this femtech program into your medical care at an affordable cost for your patient.