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How Can I Best Heal from Chronic Pelvic Pain/Dysfunction? Oct 17, 2020

Use PelvicSense, an online pelvic healing program!


If you experience chronic pelvic issues such as bladder pain, pudendal neuralgia, vulvodynia, constipation, or other pelvic floor dysfunction, the optimum steps to take are:

  1. consult a doctor familiar with your symptoms
  2. get medical tests...
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Exercises to Calm Frazzled Nerves & Lower Pelvic and Bladder Pain Oct 07, 2020

Exercises to Calm Frazzled Nerves & Lower Pelvic and Bladder Pain 

If you’re experiencing lower pelvic pain, bladder pain or pelvic floor dysfunction for more than 4 months, your nervous system may need some extra loving care.  

Once your doctors and their tests...

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